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  • THE FLOOR, WALLS AND THE CAR INSIDE FREE OF BIKE MARKS - * Bicycles cover for the home, office and car. Cover the tyres and the frame of your bike with a super elastic and beautifully designed cover that keeps dirt in the interior, while your space remains spotless and tidy. ***

  • ADJUSTABLE TO ANY KIND OF BIKE- * regardless of the type or size of your bicycle wheels. The YISAMA sleeve adapts to them thanks to its innovative design and its elastic fabric (polyester and Spandex). ***

  • ABSORBS MOISTURE AND QUICK DRY - * Return home after a rainy day riding bike, then storage your bike without problems! Since the cover will absorb water of the bicycle without leaving traces in the House. And what's even better - protect your bike from oxidation,and is washable. ***

  • EASY to install - *Made with one of the more elastic material in the market - without zippers or clips that get caught in the parts of the bicycle. ***

  • DECORATION - *Spectacular printed designs on these covers will help incorporate your bike as a decorative element within your home ***

  • Excellent cover to avoid marks in walls or floor insight your home or in your car. It also has decorative drawings that will integrate your bicycle to your home enviroment. Easy Installation and cleaning because their polyester elastic material.These covers will protect your bike rust and scratches. In addition, these covers will protect your car inside from any stains or scratches when you transport your bicycle.

    YISAMA Bicycle Indoor Storage Cover Bike Cover to Keep Clean Car Inside Wall and Floor at Home Decorative Motive Grey Chain Lines - B07463TX25

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